Olowalu Plantation

Olowalu Plantation
Olawalu Plantation is located between Kihei and Lahaina. It is very spacious and private and features a quaint old Hawaiian style home for dressing. It is very popular, so book it as far in advance as possible. Your coordinator can help you with the details. Wind is always a factor here on Maui, mainly in the late afternoon, but it generally subsides by sunset. It is rarely windy after dark. As you can tell from the photos, there are great places to create pictures at Olawalu. I've photographed weddings at this locale from two people to two hundred. When you enter this venue you feel extreme peace, very therapeutic for anxious brides and grooms.

A really fun wedding at Olowalu Plantation House, Olowalu, Maui, Hawaii

Kim & Scott were married at the Olowalu Plantation house on November 15, 2011. "The pictures are AMAZING !! It was a pleasure having you at our wedding, you did a wonderful job. We have watched the slide show a million times !!"   Kelly Miller of A Perfect Paradise Wedding did a superb job of taking care of this couple !! photo 118_zpsbd715a55.jpg  photo 107_zps605415c0.jpg  photo 112_zps97ac7d55.jpg  photo 156_zps282cee8b.jpg  photo 208_zps7df00f58.jpg  photo 235_zps58873449.jpg  photo 281_zps335001ce.jpg  photo 289_zpsd6754893.jpg  photo 296_zpsfe451d76.jpg  photo 307_zps3fbff9d1.jpg  photo 318_zps1ffec8b7.jpg  photo 338_zps30aecff8.jpg  photo 357_zps23fc68e2.jpg  photo 371_zps876f056a.jpg  photo 377_zps10ec3466.jpg  photo 384_zps567781a0.jpg  photo 388_zpsc629c71b.jpg  photo 398-2_zpsb74b4c9f.jpg  photo 408_zps3a535e68.jpg  photo 463_zps69e7f2c4.jpg  photo 474_zpsb5c2558e.jpg  photo 443_zps8a115d4a.jpg

Two say "I Do" at Olowalu Plantation House, Olowalu, Maui, Hawaii

Maria & Max had a beautiful wedding with just the two of them at Olowalu Plantation House on August 1, 2011 !    Kara Byrne of Your Aloha Wedding did a great job making sure the couple had a
great time. photo 305_zps8097611a.jpg  photo 116_zpsae962d6d.jpg  photo 113_zps36fb93be.jpg  photo 120_zpsf447d62d.jpg  photo 126_zps7e85570f.jpg  photo 129_zpsc6c7bf5d.jpg  photo 150_zps16d09a96.jpg  photo 179_zps8de0567c.jpg  photo 192_zps365d6a86.jpg  photo 201_zps000d65b8.jpg  photo 225_zpsa0166d21.jpg  photo 232_zpsd278ff25.jpg  photo 252_zpsf110e510.jpg  photo 270_zps731869bb.jpg  photo 228_zpsc2170c3d.jpg  photo 294_zps31c36028.jpg  photo 357_zpsc870768a.jpg  photo 274_zpsb1670216.jpg  photo 223_zpsf8398f53.jpg